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    About Us


Solavei recognizes the need to empower the people to have an impact in their local communities, and rather than putting BILLIONS of dollars into advertising, they have decided to take their marketing budgets and put them back into the people and charities that are doing the most good for our nation everyday.



For every customer that switch to Solavei Mobile Service, $5 will be given EVERY MONTH to the Non-Profit of those customer’s choosing.

It doesn't stop there. We are committed to giving back to the communities and organizations that are having an impact, however small their support base is.

Once an organization has reached certain benchmarks of referred members who have who have enrolled through their link on this site, the Non-Profit will receive an additional monies, each and every month those members pay their cell phone bill. 

The more people we help make the switch, the more charities begin to see lasting SUSTAINABLE support for the programs that mean the most to your community. Help spread the word!


Instead of fancy billboards and commercials, Solavei empowers the PEOPLE to be the voice that carries their mission and brand to the marketplace. That is how they have the funds to GIVE BACK $5/month for every customer that switch to Solavei Mobile Service

To date over $23,000,0000 has been given back to people and organizations, positively impacting the lives of many.

That makes the partnership with the People, Solavei & Non-Profits a real Win, Win, Win opportunity.

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